New, 11 June 2024, site now hosted by WebMate.  Your comments welcome, bearing in mind that we are print editors, looking for a Web volunteer (someone trained for the web) . . . 

Folklife Traditions Journal, print magazine, copied online:

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This site copies this issue's print pages: arranged as folk news area pages, + Festivals & Workshops Diary.
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* sadly, on phones, πŸ„΅πŸ…† A4-size pages become too small to read (images will give you a general idea, and you can always buy a copy of FW !)

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⎈ About Folklife publishers ~ our other publications: Folklife Traditions Journal; Directory; Folk What's On.
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Folklife West publicises news from our Folklife Members

LIVE LOCAL FOLK: we publicise news from our Folklife Members: singarounds, sessions, clubs, concerts, gigs, album news, festivals, workshops. 
So our news is as sent in by our Members (and FW doesn't interview or review), plus a few adverts.
Our news pages are arranged by area, by country/region. Plus we have our members' Workshops & Festivals Diary. 
  • Folklife West t/a Folklife: a non-profit group of volunteers
  • As our name "Folklife West" suggests, mainly Cymruβ€’Wales, England West Country & West Midlands. 
  • Since Lockdown/Zoom, enthusiasts from other areas, and other countries, joined us.
    We welcome enthusiasts from everywhere!
Web-editor(s) wanted !  Currently it's just Sam & Eleanor for all admin . . .
  • our print readers tell us how much they enjoy our publication
  • ideally we would concentrate on editing print magazines, with others more web-knowledgeable volunteering to run a website.
We would like to be set up formally as a charity or CIC; a volunteer to take this on would be most welcome.